Tips for Setting a Freshwater Aquarium

For an aquarium hobbyist a few tips for setting a freshwater aquarium are welcomed.
Aquariums are very wonderful and agreeable to watch but there is a long way to the living piece of art you are looking at.

First steps for setting a freshwater aquarium

First of all you should buy everything that you need for the aquarium system (tank, stand, filters, pumps, substrates, chemicals, various gadgets) so that you can set them in the proper order.
Obviously, there are many types and labels of pieces of equipment in the shops, at all prices, you should stick to your personal taste and financial potential.
You should start with the basics and later, after the minimal set up you should build up more, as your imagination is asking.

Every product must be a good choice for your aquarium system, for your species of for and for your taste. Read carefully every recommendation, every instruction on every product you have.
Ask for advice or read and learn more if you are not sure of what you are about to do. Just one mistake and your aquarium system is not going to work. Be sure that all the pieces of the equipment you purchased fit together.

Tips for Setting a Freshwater Aquarium

● For setting a freshwater aquarium, first you must find the perfect location for the tank, avoiding windows, doors, high-traffic areas.
● You must be sure that nearby there is an electrical outlet and a water source.
● The stand must be very stable and have enough free space around for cleaning.
● Clean the tank carefully, in and out.
● Put the tank on the stand and make sure they perfectly fit each other.
● Add the background that you like or paint the back of the tank (don’t spread paint inside the tank because it can poison the fish).
● Set the under gravel filter in the tank, at its bottom.
● Add the substrate that you have chosen, but only after washing it in clean water. The gravel should not be spread evenly but sloped, higher in the back of the tank.
● Place the power filter, hanging outside on the back glass of the tank, with the intake tube inside the aquarium. Filter pads should be wet when placing them into the slots of the filter.
● Pour water (at a perfect temperature for your species of fish) into the aquarium but only to fill half of the tank, in order to make the decoration and to arrange the gravel inside.
● Set the heater but don’t plug it in.
● Install the thermometer in the aquarium.
● Put the decorations in: rocks, driftwood, plastic plants, and ornaments.

● Fill in the tank with water; the bottom edge of the frame at the top of the aquarium is the limit.
● Now that the tank is filled with water, dechlorinator must be added inside (follow instruction on the label).
● It is time to plug in the system and set the heater so that the temperature is proper for your species of fish.
● Test the pH and adjust it if it is not correct.
● Place the hood and add lighting on top of the aquarium. After doing it you can plug it in.
● The aquarium should run like that between 24 and 48 hours.
● Test the pH again and adjust it if needed.
● This is the moment to put in the starter fish inside the aquarium. You should begin with just a few fish, adding others gradually

Remember to check water conditions daily at the beginning. Be calm and your aquarium is going to come to life.

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