Things to Know Before Buying a Freshwater Tank

Choosing the right tank is an important decision you have to take before buying it. The first two things you have to choose when intending to set up an aquarium system are the tank and the stand.

The tank must be purchased after you decide: what’s the purpose of the aquarium, who is going to enjoy it, what species of fish you put in it, where are you going to place it, which are the tank’s perfect dimensions in order to fit into your room. The dimension of the tank must be decided after measuring the space for it, adding enough free space around the tank, in order for you to move for cleaning. Also, you must think about the weight of the aquarium setup: the floor should be solid enough to resist the weight.
The family must be consulted before deciding the place for the tank because even if it is not that noisy, someone might be disturbed by the aquarium equipment’s bubbling and humming. That’s why the room for the tank must have enough spare space, a good floor and also tenants that love the sound of the aquarium.

The money you want to spend on the aquarium is another matter for you to think about. The more expensive the tank is, the more expensive the equipment is going to be. So, you must know exactly the amount of money you want to spend, so that you can distribute it between tank, stand, fish, food, pump, filter, heater, gravel, plants, and chemicals. If you can, you can look up for a starter kit that includes the most necessary things to start with: a book for beginners, tank, stand, thermometer, heater, filter, lights, decorations, hood, fish net, water conditioner, gravel, and even food for the fish. This way you can evaluate more appropriate the whole value of the aquarium. Most of the kits are not complete and that’s why you should read carefully what’s inside the box so that you know what’s left to be bought.

Afterwards you must think about purchasing the fish, when all the aquarium equipment is set. The fish must be bought after consulting the whole family, so that all the members can enjoy the view. Also, the plants and the decorations are important for the aspect of the aquarium. But the medications are more important because they can keep your fish alive.

You can buy the aquarium from: pet shops, friends who changed their minds, retail superstores, garage sales, newspapers ads, online stores, online ads or sales sites. A mention should be added: buying a second hand tank you must pay attention to leaks, glass cracks, time worn silicone. Filling it with water is the right way to check if it leaks. Any problem of the tank is a reason not to buy it.
So, before choosing the right tank there are enough important things to think of in order for the wish to become reality.

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