Fish Problems

No matter how much attention you are giving to the aquarium, sometimes it happens to encounter fish problems. Even experienced hobbyists are having problems now and then, you should not panic but try to fix the problem as quickly and appropriate as possible. Documentation is needed, a list of the main problems that might occur, and the rapid way for handling the situation.

The fish in your tank must be checked every day because if anything goes wrong you can have a rapid reaction before the situation gets worse. You should check the equipment’s well-functioning, fish’s general aspect, signs of diseases, and aggression between the fish. Sometimes even the food is a possible cause for problems in the aquarium.

Looking at the fish you must pay serious attention to torn or clamped fins, missing scales, darken blurred eyes, strange spots or fungus on the body. If any of these problems occurred, you must separate the fish with health problems in a special tank, without lighting it, for less stress, in order to administrate a proper treatment. You can use the medicines needed that you are having in the emergency box. Otherwise, go as fast as you can to the nearest pet shop or veterinary. After administrating the needed medicine, keep the diseased fish apart for another two weeks so that you can check the evolution of the recovery.

Fighting fish are a problem for the smaller fish because they might cause them serious injuries, even lethal. That’s why when choosing the species of fish for populating the tank you must be sure that they can live together without harming each other. If it happens to have aggressive fish in the aquarium, you must separate them by removing the violent species from the aquarium.
The injured fish must be separated in a special tank, a hospital where they are going to recover. Any disease should be solved in this period, by administrating the proper medicines.
Finding the reason for aggression can solve the problem in the aquarium: aggressive fish that can’t cohabit with the other fish should not be put back in the tank, but if the food is the problem pay attention for the fish to have enough so that they won’t have to fight for eating. Another solution is to create hiding places for the small fish: plants, caves, decorations, rocks.

Health feeding problems can be caused by stress. The stress can be determined by a new aquarium, the transportation from the store, or by the aggressive fish. For the fish to be healthy, they must eat. Fish with health problems must be determined to eat by feeding them appealing food, or by creating intimate hidden places where they can be safe, eating without having to fight for the food.
In order for the fish problems to be avoided, try to keep them healthy, not stressed, and well fed, in good conditions, in a clean water.

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