Twinstar Super S review

Lately I have seen many people asking about Twinstar, what is Twinstar and if it is worth buying? The manufacturer states that Twinstar (Twinstar S,) is a device that prevents algae growth (Twinstar Mini and Nano) or protects fishes and shrimps from diseases (Twinstar S).
On the market are five types of Twinstar:

  1. Twinstar Shrimp, preventing shrimp diseases
  2. Twinstar Super S, preventing fish diseases (60-350 liter aquariums)
  3. Twinstar Mini S, preventing fish diseases (60-150 liter aquariums)
  4. Twinstar Mini (60-120 liter aquariums)
  5. Twinstar Nano (70-240 liter aquariums)

Twinstar Mini and Nano help against different types of algae:
• Green spot algae ( 85%)
• Green dust algae (80%)
• Blue green algae (80%)
• Hair/Thread algae (95%)
• Brown algae (90%)
• Fuzz algae (80%)

If you have BBA in your aquarium do not buy Twinstar because you will not get rid of it.

I had no problems with algae so I bought the Twinstar Super S version, as the manufacturer says Twinstar Super S is designed to prevent fish diseases,and if you are lucky also can prevent green algae, in my aquarium green algae grew on the Twinstar`s reactor so in my case did not inhibited the green algae.

In a Twinstar Super S package you can find:

  1. Twinstar Reactor
  2. Twinstar Intelligent Controller (IC)
  3. AC Adaptor
  4. Extension Line

Twinstar Super S is working in two modes, depending by the size of your aquarium:
• Mode 1 – For aquariums up to 150 liters
• Mode 2 – For aquariums up to 350 liters

I used Twinstar Super S for almost 2 months and I`ve seen nothing changed to my fish and from my point of view Twinstar Super S is a waste of money. During the period I used Twinstar Super S one of my Cardinal Tetra died but it had nothing to do with Twinstar Super S, I think it was natural death because I saw no sign of illness.
On the other hand the bubbles generated by the Twinstar Super S were highly appreciated by children. I must admit that the mist of pure oxygen created by Twinstar Super S is beautiful.
Twinstar Super S is quite expensive ($220) and the warranty for the Controller is one year and for the Reactor is only 6 months.
Before you buy a Twinstar product you must be aware that the Reactor is a consumable and the price for a new reactor is about $55.
I used Twinstar Super S for almost 2 months and I do not recommend buying one, you better buy high quality food and do water changes every week, in this way your fish will be happier than when using Twinstar Super S.

Here are some interesting things about Twinstar told by the manufacturer:
 Every type of Twinstar has its own Intelligent Controller, for preventing fish disease you cannot use a IC designed to inhibit algae growth
 The PH of the water is not affected by the Twinstar
• The power consumption is less than 10W/h
• The small bubbles created by Twinstar are pure oxygen
 The benefic bacterial culture are not affected
 The iron is not oxidized by Twinstar, but if it too much iron in the water it will shorten the lifetime of the reactor
 It is not recommended to insert the hands in the water when Twinstar it is operating
 For better results it is recommended to install Twinstar in a place with good water flow
 To remove Calcium deposits from Reactor use Twinstar Cleaner
 Twinstar is not killing algae, only inhibits algae growth
Twinstar Super S is only preventing fish diseases, if you have a sick fish you need to apply medication. While I used my Twinstar Super S I had no fish diseases in my aquarium so I cannot say how good is because the fish behavior with Twinstar or without Twinstar was the same
 Twinstar is designed to work only in freshwater aquariums

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