How to Choose the Hood for Your Aquarium

You have a tank, a stand, the filters that an aquarium usually needs, you are probably wandering how to choose the hood for your aquarium.
The hood is a canopy that stands on the tank in order to prevent evaporation and to keep the naughty fish into the aquarium. Choosing a good hood, you need to take into consideration the species of fish you are growing in the aquarium. A glass hood is very adaptable due to its flexibility in lighting and configuration.
Obviously, it is a matter of taste choosing the right hood. Specialists recommend one or another canopy but you are the one to decide which to buy.

The most common lighting systems for aquariums are:
• Eclipse is a system that includes lighting and filtration as well. It is recommended because it offers you enough space around the aquarium.
Standard full hood covers the aquarium and has the lights in it. It gives you the possibility to hang a few needed things on the tank.
• Strip lights can be used instead of a hood in order to provide better lighting. In fact, it is a light system without the canopy.
A fan-cooled hood, as its name is saying, has a fan incorporated in it. Its purpose is to offer the perfect lighting and a perfect temperature as well. The fan is useful because it cools the lighting system as well, increasing its longevity.
Hanging lighting is suspended by wires above your tank. This system for lighting is the most suitable for aquariums, offering a good light for the fish.
• Reflective lighting offers you unlimited possibilities for creation. You can hang the lights wherever you want, trying to reflect the light towards the aquarium. The light can be fixed on the ceiling, on the wall, on pieces of furniture, as long as your system is safe and your aquarium fish and plants are properly lighted.

I am going to make a short list of equipment that are also interesting for those who love all about aquariums:
A pump timer is not necessary for an aquarium but if you are a passionate, you might want to buy one. It offers you the possibility to connect a few pumps in order to control the output and to create low wave patterns.
The hood with an ultraviolet lamp kills unwanted bacteria and parasites, protecting your fish and plants from diseases. The UV lamp should be changed twice or three times a year. The problem is that an UV lamp is expensive and it can harm your eyes if you’re looking at it.
A CO2 unit is a system that releases CO2 into the aquarium. The system can be set so that you can release exactly the amount of CO2 that you want.
Having an aquarium becomes more and more interesting but also more and more complicate. Choosing the right hood and the systems you want for your aquarium is a matter of need and choice.

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