Equipment Problems

Everyone must be aware that having an aquarium in the house, means encountering equipment problems, also. An aquarium is not just a recipient with water in which fish are swimming happily, without causing any problems. The adventure of maintaining a fish aquarium implies keeping the equipment functioning so that the conditions in the water can be appropriate for the fish to live safe and sound. Equipment need attention and mending from time to time, it is a requirement that you must get used to.
Some equipment problems are more likely to occur than others: tank leaks, filter problems, heater difficulties, the lighting issues.

• The filter is very important for the survival of the environment you created. Having a fouled filter might cause illness and death in the aquarium, and that’s why you must: clean the pads, the substrate. Also, you must pay very good attention to all the tubes by carefully brushing them with a clean special brush. This way you are going to remove the foulness that can cause a clogged disaster to your aquarium’s filter.

• The heater must be set at a correct wattage, in order for the aquarium to be at a correct temperature (5 watts /gallon). You must verify for the heater not to be coated with natural plants, and for the decoration not to stay against the warm flow. The worse scenario would be for the heater to get out of order. Then you will have to replace it.

• Lighting can cause serious problems to an aquarium. The easiest problem to solve is a flickering light. It can be stressing for the fish and plants. All you have to do is change the starter unit. If the problem persists, check for the system to be well dry and then, change the bulb as the last solution. Lighting must be set at a correct power and it must be well fixed. It might happen to fall inside the tank, into the water. You must be careful not to get it out before unplugging it because you can get electrocuted. Just use a rubber glove to unplug the lighting first and then pull it out of the water. The lighting must be perfectly dry to plug it again safe.
Sometimes you can experience light bulbs exploding. Again, the first secure step is to stop charging the system and unplug it. The bulb should be removed only after cooling down. You should not do it in a haste because you can get seriously burned on your hands. Wrap a hand in a towel and then remove the parts left.
Obviously, all these problems can occur at any time, no matter how experienced the keeper of the aquarium is. It is recommendable to notice and to solve any type of equipment problems as soon as possible, in order for them not to cause bigger issues.

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