Room Temperature and Its Effects on a freshwater aquarium

Every person who intends to keep an aquarium in his house should know that room temperature is very important for the freshwater aquarium. Apparently this problem doesn’t seem to be very important because you may think that the fish are in the water, not in your room, that the tank is their room. You must know that temperature in your house must be stable, the fish do not love temperature changes because their immune system is influenced by these changes and they get sick or even die.

First of all, you must study about the fish you are having in your aquarium, the species of fish that you have chosen to grow and take care of. The fish are more delicate then you have imagined. So, the species that you have might survive successfully at a different temperature than others. That’s why you need to find out the perfect temperature for your species of fish.

If your fish love a warmer temperature, heaters are a solution for cold rooms, in order to offer your fish a perfect temperature. It doesn’t mean that a heater is enough to keep your fish alive in an icy house. In the same time, a too high temperature is also a problem for some fish, and you might find them at the surface of the water because they are asphyxiating. High temperature is also causing damages to fish’s physical aspect, to their fins or scales. Even a short exposure in a too warm water might be fatal. That’s why you should use a chiller, a special equipment for keeping down the temperature of the water. Even if the price of such a cooler device is expensive, you must buy it for the sake of your fish.

Your house should not get through temperature variations, being either too cold or too hot, often oscillating up and down. Even if you think that the temperature is constant, the reason for this kind of oscillations are the doors and the windows. For example, in an aquarium situated near a window, the water might get too warm in just a few hours because of the direct sunlight. In the same situation, the direct light might cause an overgrowth of algae, and it is very difficult to cast it away. If you have no other space where to put your aquarium, and you must place it near the window, at least protect it using a curtain or blinds. If too cold air is getting through the window, you must avoid, by no means, situating the tank nearby.

The exterior doors might have the same effects on the aquariums as the windows because the air getting through them is either too cold or too hot for the fish.

As a conclusion, you must avoid to place the tank near a window or an outside door because room temperature affects the freshwater aquarium, causing problems to your fish.

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