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Even if you have a high tech aquarium you will have to do a weekly maintenance and it is advisable to not skip it because you can have big problems with the aquarium if you do not make a proper maintenance.

Aquarium Water Change

For your aquarium maintenance the most important part it is the water change, even if you have few fish you must not skip this step.
Water changes must be done weekly and the water quantity you will change it is only 25% of the volume of water, doing a weekly water change you will have very good water and fish and plants will love it.
When you make water changes use only dechlorinated water or in the worst case use tap water conditioners, on internet you will find many brands of tap water conditioners.

Cleaning the aquarium

The second most important aspect for aquarium maintenance it is cleaning the aquarium, no matter how well balanced is your aquarium you will have to clean the glass every week to eliminate algae that grow on glass or equipment, for glass cleaning I use JBL Blanki. I do not recommend magnetic cleaner because it can scratch your aquarium.
To clean the ground of your aquarium you must use a Gravel Cleaner which will help you to suck all the mess, make sure that you suck all the dead leaves or fish because these two things are a source of phosphates and nitrates.
Very important it is also the cleaning of the filter (external or internal). If you have more than one you must not clean all the filters in the same time because you can affect the bacteria colonies. Also biological filter material must be cleaned only with water from aquarium, if you clean the biological filter material with tap water you will kill all the bacteria colonies and you can start again to cycle your aquarium that is why you should only rinse with water from aquarium the biological filter material.

Recommended Aquarium Maintenance

• Check the equipment to see if all aquarium equipments are working.
• Check fish behavior when you are feeding.


• Clean the aquarium glass and the bottom part of your aquarium using gravel cleaner.
• Change 25% of the water
• If you have only few fish you could count to see if some fish died.
• Fertilize to assure to your plants all the nutrients needed.


• Clean the filter
• Test the parameter of your water. As long as you are a beginner you should do this part weekly but in time you will gain experience and you will not need to text the water weekly.
• Clean all the tubes and connections. If you have for example CO2 reactor you will have to clean monthly.
• Recalibrate the PH Controller if you have one.
• Clean the lid of your aquarium, also if you use reflector on the tube you should clean it, in this way you will increase the light in your aquarium.

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