Tank Problems

When deciding to have an aquarium, the first to buy is a good tank in order to avoid tank problems later. The chosen one must suit your criteria of size, shape, texture and price, fitting into your place. Pay attention to quality, don’t be cheap from the start because you might regret it later.
Before setting the aquarium system you should test the tank in order to detect eventual leaks. If it leaks, take it back to the shop or try to fix the problem yourself. It is not very difficult but if you can’t handle it ask for a specialist’s help. Only after checking the leaks you must set the whole system, add the gravel, the water, the decorations, the plants, and the fish.

Sometimes, after setting the whole system you can get the idea that the tank is leaking. Check the power filter in order to see if it is the leaking problem. If it is out of order, you must change it. Another cause for water leaks might be air-stone decorations which can flow water outside the tank. Just move the air-stone so that it doesn’t push water outside anymore.

The tank can start to leak after a period of time. The problem can be fixed pretty well if you are taking measures on time. The first step is to save the fish by getting them into another aquarium. If you don’t have another tank, you can use a plastic bowl or a bucket. At the bottom you must add some gravel, also add some floating plants and an air-stone connected to the pump. Improvise a hood in order to keep the fish into the water.
The tank must be discharged of everything and then it must be cleaned. Knowing where the leak is, remove the silicone on the whole side, by using a safety razor. That area must be carefully dried by using a clean towel. Only after cleaning and drying you must apply aquarium sealer where needed. The surface must be completely dry when adding the water again into the aquarium.

A more dangerous accident is when a whole side of the aquarium breaks. If you are not at home your fish and plants can die until you get back. But if you are there, pick up the fish with a clean paper towel and put them into another aquarium or into a bucket, as you afford at that moment. Be careful not to harm the fish, damaging their scales and fins. Ask for professional help for the glass to be replaced, don’t try to do it yourself as it can be rather risky. A glass installer knows exactly what he is doing so that you won’t have to worry about the leaks after pouring the water inside the tank.
There are not many types of tank problems but they need special and rapid intervention, so that serious even lethal accidents to occur.

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