Chemicals You Need to Maintain Your Aquarium

Well, you’ve got an aquarium and you are interested in what chemicals you need to maintain it. You’ve already bought glass cleaner, dechlorinator, water conditioner, water clarifier, cycling chemicals, bacteria in a bottle, and bacteria in a medium, probably. If not, you should buy them because your aquarium is in a great danger, as you should have found by now.
Again, you should pay attention to these substances because they can be dangerous for you, and for the fish as well. You and your family (especially the naughty kids) should pay special attention when using and depositing them. They should be kept separately, in a special box or case, not with other material. The kids should not have access to these substances, existing the danger of poisoning by ingestion.
For maintaining an aquarium you need chemical substances as: waste eliminator, aquarium salt, pH regulators, cichlid buffers, slime coat products, snail control products.

• Waste eliminator is a very important product for your aquarium because it creates a healthy environment by cleaning the tank, the gravel and the filters. It dissolves fish waste from the water and the foul laid-down on the system’s elements.
Aquarium salt improves the fish’s breathing and it is important for the sodium that it is adding into the water. Improving the breathing, it improves fish’s health.
PH regulators are used for keeping the water in your aquarium at a specific pH, needed by your species of fish. It offers you the possibility of increasing or decreasing the pH, as needed in the created aquatic environment.
Cichlid buffers are a combination of chemical substances needed by the fish in order to live a life as if they were living in their natural environment: sulfates, sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, carbonates.
Slime coat products are special substances created in order to protect fish’s slime coat. It means that these substances are keeping the fish healthy, making them stronger and resistant to diseases.
Snail control products are more important than you might ever thought. Snails have the quality of multiplying themselves very fast, and that’s why your aquarium can be transformed from a wonderful fish’s house into a colony of annoying snails. Another interesting quality of the snails is that they hide very well, so that you can’t see them when looking for them to get them out, but you’ll find a lot of them the next days. They can ruin your aquarium if you don’t take care of them quickly.
As you find out already, your aquarium needs special attention because it is alive and you have to purchase and use special chemicals for keeping it that way.

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